Sergey Vasiliev

Short CV:

I have graduated Moscow Physical-Technical Institute in 1985. Received PhD (Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences) in 1988 in the same Institute. Dissertation: "Investigations of spin-­polarized atomic hydrogen gas by 2-mm wave ESR spectroscopy". Since 1985 worked as a researcher (senior researcher since 1990) at Kurchatov Institute for Atomic Energy (RRC Kurchatov Institute nowadays). In 2000 moved to the University of Turku, Department of Physics as a special researcher. Received a Docent and adjunct professor degree of the University of Turku in 2010. Currently I am a Principal Investigator of joint Finnish Academy and NSF project "QUANTUM PHENOMENA OF H ATOMS CAPTURED IN SOLID MOLECULAR HYDROGEN", and of the Finnish Academy project "MAGNONS IN SPIN-POLARIZED ATOMIC HYDROGEN GAS". Lecturing courses at UTU: "Superfluids and Condensates", 2008; "Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics", 2010, 2013; "Magnetic resonance and its applications" 2011, 2013. Main research fields: spin-polarized atomic hydrogen gas, low temperature physics, Electron Spin Resonance spectroscopy, quantum computing. Link to a full CV