For Students

Post Doc and PhD positions are available in our group

Students aiming for master's degree or PhD, or postdocs looking for research position are welcome to our group. Wide range of experimental facilities and high level of expertise will ensure high level of education for young experimentalists. We can provide training in the fields of low temperature physics, ESR spectroscopy, MRI, vacuum technique, low signal level and radiofrequency measurements, fast data processing and storage. The following equipment is at your disposal:

-Two dilution refrigerators reaching temperatures below 10 mK and equipped with high homogeneity superconductive magnets;

-3He melting curve primary thermometer below 1 K;

- Pure gas handling and vacuum systems, including more than 10 modern vacuum pumps of various types, large variety of vacuum/pressure meters and helium leak detector;

- Two Electron Spin Resonance spectrometers operating in the mm-wave range at frequencies around 130 GHz. We are proud to report that these unique devices were designed and built in our group (RSI, 75, 94 (2004)) . They are suitable for ESR studies of very small numbers of free radicals at ultralow excitation powers, of the order of pico-nano Watts. These devices utilize state of the art heterodyne scheme with double frequency conversion utilizing cryogenic mixers and amplifiers;

- Set of RF test and measurement devices of highest quality from Agilent (Hewlett Packard), LeCroy, Anritsu, Stanford Research Systems, Virginia Diodes etc.;

- Terranova-MRI: Earth's Field MRI Teaching System. Complete portable system available for student projects and simple NMR and magnetic resonance imaging projects;

Image3D imaging of pepper

Based on our equipment and experieence two advanced lecture courses are given every second year by Doc. Sergey Vasiliev:

  1. Experimental methods in condensed matter physics. Spring (III period) 2012, 2014..., and
  2. Magnetic resonance and its applications. Spring (III period) 2011, 2012...

These courses contain demonstrations and laboratory work in our lab.

If you are interested please send us email and ask to visit our laboratory (building T8) at Quantum building, Wihuri physical laboratory (P-floor) room number P26 next to the helium liquefier.